The 3D Printer Creating A Meatless ‘Beef’ Steak

A food technology company in Barcelona, Spain has created a plant-based steak by using a 3D printer. 

Novameat created the world’s first 3D-printed plant-based vegan “beef” steak in 2018 but has now revealed an updated version of what is described as a “Nespresso for meat substitutes.”

Company CEO and founder, Giuseppe Scionti, said: “We use a 3D printer so we can get the appearance and the texture of a traditional steak at the same time.”

Syringes dispense plant-based ingredients in thin lines to build up a fibrous structure that resembles a regular piece of meat. The formula consists of pea and rice protein extract, rapeseed fat and algae fibers. 

The company plans ” to work with top chefs to create new products that can be plant-based [such as] pork and fish.”

Scionti believes there will soon be 3D printers in homes across the world, where people can create customized food in their own kitchens.

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