Overweight PNP officers remind international Reddit users of Wall-E passengers

A video clip of the Philippine National Police’s weight loss program reached an international forum on Reddit whose users likened the Filipino cops to characters of Disney’s “Wall-E.”

The PNP launched another weight loss program on March 4 in line with the observance of World Obesity Day called “Chubby Anonymous” project.

In a cross-post on subreddit Philippines on March 11, a screenshot of overweight police officers conducting a routine was juxtaposed to a snapshot of a scene in “Wall-E” that featured adorable babies.

The overweight cops apparently resemble the fat human characters in Wall-E who grew large in size due to microgravity and laziness.

The original Reddit poster shared such juxtaposed editing to a larger forum with 1.9 million members.

Reddit users lamented the physical fitness of the Filipino police officers. Concerns about weight are among the prevailing problems within the local police organization.

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