Adults in England to be Automatically Enrolled as Organ Donors

All English adults are to be automatically enrolled as organ donors unless they choose to opt out under legislation that is set to come into effect in just eight weeks, health secretary Matt Hancock said. 

On Tuesday, the government asked Members of Parliament to ensure the new “opt-out” system is up and running by May 20. It is hoped the law will boost organ donations in England.

The act is known as “Max and Keira’s law,” after Kiera Ball, nine, whose father allowed doctors to use her organs for transplants, saving the lives of four others, including Max Johnson, also nine.

There are currently 5,200 people on the transplant waiting list in England, with 400 National Health Service patients losing their lives last year while waiting for organ donations.

According to government estimations, the new legislation, which was passed in 2019, could lead to an additional 700 transplants each year by 2023.

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