BBC: Divers discover face masks littering Anilao coral reef

Divers have discovered face masks and other personal protective equipment entangling the reefs at popular dive spot Anilao in Batangas, a report by the British Broadcasting Corporation revealed.

BBC correspondent Howard Johnson said, “Take a look at the rubbish that was brought back by the divers…blue face masks, lots of them. There’s a face shield here, plastic bottles, tarpaulin. And the question is now, what happens to this rubbish?”

Johnson, along with professional divers from the Anilao Scuba Dive Center, found disposable surgical masks and plastic waste littering the dive spot.

Diver Shala Caliao said, “Back then, it was not this bad. We see small pieces of plastic. But right now, wherever you look, it is there.”

A paper published in the journal Case Studies in Chemical and Environmental Engineering last September estimated the country uses 49 million face masks and generates 353 tons of medical waste daily.

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