Europe set to mark one year since first national lockdowns: Spain & Germany

March 13 marks one year since Spain announced it was going into a national lockdown. Spain was one of Europe’s worst hit nations during the first wave of the virus and the resulting lockdown saw its economy go into a self-imposed hibernation.

A year on, Spain’s economy is still suffering the financial consequences of the pandemic, with two major industries, tourism and hospitality, particularly hard hit.

In an attempt to keep those industries afloat, the government has approved a 13-billion-dollar relief package for the two sectors, with the aid expected to be distributed by the end of April.

In Germany, social distancing has left people unable to hug their loved ones but there could be a solution as people are being given the chance to hug a sheep.

The idea is the brainchild of Lexa Voss, a personality-development coach, who has been holding sheep-cuddling seminars during the COVID-19 lockdown in German town of Hattingen.

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