Amazonian groups sue French supermarket chain over deforestation

French supermarket chain Casino is being sued by indigenous groups from the Amazon, for allegedly selling beef linked to deforestation.

The 11 indigenous groups, backed by NGOs in the United States and France, are seeking 3.7 million dollars in damages.

The groups linked meat sold by Casino to an area of deforestation “five times the size of Paris.”

Casino told news agencies that it took a “rigorous” approach to its supply chains.

The company is being taken to court under a French law enacted in 2017. Under the law, businesses must avoid human rights and environmental violations in their supply chains.

The indigenous groups from Brazil and Colombia have accused Casino of “damages done to their customary lands and the impact on their livelihoods.”

They said deforestation in South America, particularly in Brazil, was mainly driven by cattle ranching. The indigenous groups also accuse Casino of violating indigenous rights.

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