CHR on the role of women in addressing pandemic

The Philippine Commission on Women has sounded the alarm on the rising incidences of domestic violence during the pandemic. As it stands, three out of 20 women and girls aged 15 to 49 have experienced physical violence.

The surge in teen pregnancies is another problem faced by women. Under the coronavirus-induced community quarantines, the Commission on Population and Development reported that births among girls aged 14 years and below jumped by 7% in 2019 against the previous year’s figure provided by the Philippine Statistics Authority.

Karen Gomez Dumpit, who serves as CHR’s Focal Commissioner for Gender and Women’s Rights, said, “We join the call for food security and economic justice, as many urban poor and rural women continue to face hunger and unemployment.”

She added, “We continue the call for enhanced access to justice and the elimination of all forms violence against women.”

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