How Russia’s Sputnik-V vaccine was developed within months

Not too far away from Moscow’s Red Square in Russia is the Gamaleya Institute, a research institution that gained world fame after it registered Sputnik-V.

On how they developed the Sputnik-V vaccine in only a few months, Gamaleya Institute Head Aleksandar Ginzburg shared, “We were well-prepared in advance for this work. Over the past 20 and more years, our institute has been developing a platform that allows the replacement of defective genes with well-functioning ones. This technology was well-developed, but it was not adopted for practice due to economic and other circumstances. In 2014 we faced the task of creating a vaccine against the Ebola virus. The structure…is very similar to COVID-19.”

India and South Korea have already produced the Sputnik-V vaccine in their countries, and production will soon start in China. Serbia and Italy are the first countries in Europe to start their localized production of the vaccine.

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