Early voting for PWDs, elderly

The Commission on Elections has been urged to prioritize the estimated 10 million elderly Filipinos and persons with disabilities for its early voting scheme in next year’s elections.

Representative Precious Hipolito-Castelo said, “It is safe to assume that the pandemic will still be here during the election period. Thus, it is important for Congress and the Comelec to take measures to help health authorities prevent the spread of Covid-19 among voters.”

The Quezon City congresswoman authored House Bill 8756 that would allow all senior citizens and PWDs – whom she described as the “most vulnerable” sectors – to opt for early voting in future elections beginning with the May 2022 presidential, congressional, and local balloting.

She said, “They should be given the chance to cast their ballots without compromising their physical health and safety. Otherwise, thousands might just opt not to vote for fear of contracting the virus.”

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