The Queen’s Gambit boosts demand for Spanish chessboard maker

Sales of chessboards at a small factory in Spain doubled as popularity in chess was revived by the Netflix series, The Queen’s Gambit.

Whilst other businesses struggle during the pandemic, binge-watching TV shows and the hunt for lockdown activities brought success for chessboard maker Rechapados Ferrer.

The small family business usually makes 20,000 chessboards a year, but this year they already received orders for 40,000 boards, 98 percent of which are exported globally.

The firm’s founder, Joan Ferrer, still remembers how his parents made the first chessboards in a small room, stitching and trimming the strips of wood.

The business only has 14 employees, three of whom were recently hired to cope with demand. It was founded in the 1950s to supply veneer and pieces of wood for furniture but later expanded into making finely crafted chessboards, one of which even made it into the final episode of the popular Netflix drama.

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