Qantas launches ‘Mystery Flights’ as Australia extends international travel ban

With Australians still unable to travel abroad until June 17 due to pandemic restrictions, Qantas is launching a series of “Mystery Flights” to encourage domestic travel.

Travelers who book one of the three journeys on offer will put their fates into the hands of the airline.

The one-day trips, which went on sale March 4, fly out of Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Each flight will be limited to 120 passengers and travel to a destination within approximately two hours. Guests enjoy breakfast in the Qantas lounge at 7 a.m. — returning in the early evening.

Travelers won’t know where they’re headed until the plane makes its descent to the mystery location, though the flight path will appear on the seat-back screens, giving fliers a chance to guess where they’re headed. The airline is offering a few hints on its website, and customers will be given clues upon booking to ensure they pack suitably.

Packages start at 577 dollars for an economy seat.

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