Google pays tribute to champion of Pinay suffrage

Google paid tribute to journalist, educator and activist Rosa Sevilla de Alvero, a leading voice in giving voting rights to Filipino women in the early 1900s.

A doodle featuring Sevilla greeted Filipino users of the popular search engine on March 4, in time for the 142nd birth anniversary of “one of the most influential suffragists in Philippine history.”

Born in Manila in 1879, Sevilla spent her formative years while living with an aunt who often hosted Filipino patriots and intellectuals at her home.

Google said, “Sevilla often eavesdropped on their conversations about battling educational colonialism, revolutionary discussions that helped mold her beliefs.”

At 21, she founded the Women’s Institute of Manila, one of the first schools for women in the islands, making it an agency for change –  “Among these issues were making Tagalog the national language, securing suffrage for women and achieving independence from American rule.”

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