FDA warns public: Online selling of COVID-19 test kits prohibited

The Food and Drug Administration has reminded the public that COVID-19 tests are purely for medical professional use and are not sold online.

In an advisory, the FDA said their mandate to protect the public welfare and safety through regulation of health products covers in-vitro diagnostic medical devices in the country.

The regulatory body told the public and the general public “that online selling of all types of FDA certified COVID-19 test kits – RT-PCR, antibody, antigen based – is strictly prohibited. These COVID-19 test kits with FDA special certification are strictly for medical professional use and not intended for personal use.”

FDA Director General Enrique Domingo directed the agency’s regional field offices and regulatory enforcements units to monitor online platforms on such selling.

Domingo also ordered its regional offices and units to “pursue and implement immediate regulatory and enforcement actions as warranted.”

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