Valve abandons Artifact card game despite promised reboot

Video games giant Valve, best-known for games such as Counter-Strike and the Half-Life series, has abandoned an attempt to rescue its Artifact game, after months of trying to fix its flaws.

The much-hyped digital card game was released in 2018 but received poor reviews, so Valve announced it would rework the entire game.

But earlier this month, the company said it had abandoned the project entirely. Instead, the uncompleted work will be published for free to those interested to see how it turned out.

It is the latest in a string of video games to be abandoned, despite developers promising fans a major update.

Amazon’s first major attempt at game publishing ended in disaster, when it “un-released” the shooter Crucible. It also promised major changes, before abandoning the game in October.

Valve is seen as a titan in the gaming industry. It rarely releases new games, but when it does they are usually very successful.

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