Twin sisters worth millions thanks to female gamers

Twin sisters in Japan have become multi-millionaires after floating their female-focused mobile games company on the stock market.

Anna and Mizuki Nakajima’s combined stake in Coly, the firm they founded, was worth around 142 million dollars when it launched last month.

The firm makes anime-based games aimed at women and almost three-quarters of its 200 employees are female.

The company’s particular genre is called “otome,” Japanese for maiden.

Coly’s games, which include Stand My Heroes and Promise of Wizard, are free to download but players can pay to reveal extra story lines.

Coly says the size of the Japanese market for games specifically made for females grew almost 15% from 70 billion yen to 80 billion yen from 2019 to 2020.

Otome followers tend to be fanatically devoted and willing to stick with titles for a long time, Serkan Toto, an analyst at Japanese gaming consultancy Kantan Games shared.

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