Demand for 3.5 million eSports professionals in China

Some of China’s top-tier universities started eSports-related majors four years ago due to the projected demand for 3.5 million eSports professionals. Those students are graduating this year, and their professors say what they’ve learned is enough to turn them into all-around professionals.

The vice dean of the School of Animation and Digital Arts at the Communication University of China said half of her university’s eSports undergraduates joined upstream companies.

These fresh graduates focus on game design instead of on-screen roles or event organizing. Their decisions were partly driven by higher pay upstream game developers offer. But for future graduates, more will be considering mid- and even downstream corporations.

Industry insiders say those who studied eSports as their college major and want to make careers from it could step up to the plate in the next five to 10 years when they’ll really be able to shift the landscape.

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