Macoy Dubs returns to dubbing with pandemic version of ‘Mean Girls’ cafeteria scene

Mark Averilla or Macoy Dubs returned to dubbing movie snippets again, which earned him a name on social media before.

This time, Averilla tackled the country’s vaccination rollout and the quarantine phases through a Filipino-dubbed snippet of his favorite movie “Mean Girls.”

In the nearly two-minute clip, he re-created the iconic cafeteria scene where Lindsay Lohan as “Cady,” one of the movie’s main stars, became friends with The Plastics, a group of “mean” girls led by Rachel McAdams as “Regina George.”

Averilla inflected socially relevant names with “beki” or gay lingo and internet tags such as “mga dilawans,” “DDS,” “mga mahilig magpa-Zoom call,” “mga TikToker” and “mga baker ng ube pandesal.”

The content creator likewise used his iconic lines “Ganda ka” and “Manahimik ka.”

The pandemic version of “Mean Girls” dub was posted on his social media accounts on March 1. It has since gained over 842,000 views.

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