Kim Atienza calls out Lazada over lewd ads

Kim Atienza called out e-commerce site Lazada for an inappropriate advertisement online.

In his Twitter account, Kim posted the screenshot of the ad he saw on Facebook, showing a sleeping woman with one of her breasts bared.

Kim wrote, “Shame on you @LazadaPH. Do you even know what you’re selling? Is this even legal? I’m calling you out. Shame.”

In another tweet, he said the ad has to be called out since it’s unacceptable because of the photo.

He said, “A date rape sleep spray or whatever they wish to call it is unacceptable and has to be called out. If it’s for insomnia I’d understand but the pic?”

Lazada, meanwhile, replied to Kim’s tweet, saying they are already investigating the ad.

The company said, “Hi! Thank you for bringing this to our attention. This has already been coordinated with the relevant teams for checking and investigation. Rest assured that our team is already on top of the issue. Thank you and stay safe!”

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