Experts warn ‘panting’ joggers to wear a mask when running past people

Joggers should consider wearing a face mask, two British experts warned. Current UK government guidance only mandates face coverings in certain indoor settings, such as on public transport or in shops.

Devi Sridhar, professor of public health at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, said joggers should wear a mask whenever they are likely to run directly past other people. Once in open space, it would be reasonable to “take off your mask and run freely.”

Trish Greenhalgh, professor in primary care health sciences at the University of Oxford, warned that people could catch COVID-19 from joggers breathing heavily as they pass.

She said, “There is no doubt the virus is in the air, there is no doubt that you can catch it if you inhale and that someone else has exhaled. The puffing and panting jogger – you can feel their breath come and sometimes actually feel yourself inhale it, so there’s no doubt that there is a danger there.”

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