Social Media: COVID-19 is from the U.S.

As the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases increases around the world, scientists are racing to trace its source. The origin of the coronavirus has featured heavily in global discussion.

In a story broadcasted by Japanese media outlet TV Asahi on February 22, it claimed Americans who died of the flu may have unknowingly been infected with COVID-19. The report argued that due to prohibitive cost of medical check-ups in the U.S., many who cannot afford to go to the hospital and those with flu symptoms, may have suffered from coronavirus infection.

Amid doubts over the origin of the virus, speculation rose on Chinese social media that COVID-19 may have originated in the U.S. Some social media users claimed the virus was brought to China during the Military World Games held in Wuhan last year, though it was still by far largely speculative.

But there is no evidence to support the speculation that the coronavirus originated in the U.S.

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