Two different types of streaming wars

TV critic and Must Watch podcaster Scott Bryan thinks he understands why streaming platforms use nostalgia as a jumping off point.

He said, “We’re having two different types of streaming wars…There’s the streaming war with new content – spending hundreds…of millions…for the new shows to get people to subscribe… But at the same time, there’s a streaming bidding war for all of these shows that are amazingly successful because people now re-watch them time and time again, or get into them for the very first time.”

He added: “Massive amounts of money have been paid for the entire rights of, let’s say Friends or Sex in the City and now Frasier, to be on their existing streaming services because they know that they will get subscribers.”

He said, “Shows have been rebooted [as] it’s a way to get a lot of publicity because the shows are adored…because it’s easier, it’s much more likely with an existing audience to get subscribers.”

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