Philippines files note verbale over hate crimes in US

The Philippines has sent a note verbale to the US State Department after a 61-year-old Filipino-American was slashed in the face in the New York City subway.

The Philippine embassy in Washington expressed serious concern over the rising number of attacks against Asian-Americans in the US.

Philippine Ambassador to the US Jose Manuel Romualdez said he “wrote letters to some senators, their justice committee and the racial discrimination committee of the US Senate.”

Noel Quintana, an administrative assistant, was attacked on February 3 while on his way to work. His face was slashed from ear to ear.

Quintana was not the first Filipino victim of a hate crime in the US under the pandemic.

The ambassador said hate crimes against Asian-Americans began to increase since September.

The embassy called on federal, state and local authorities in the US to take action to ensure the further protection of Asians, including Filipinos.

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