As vaccination starts, government told not to forget inmates in cramped prisons

As the government finally starts its coronavirus vaccination program rollout, an advocacy group for political prisoners asked authorities not to forget inmates languishing in the country’s overcrowded prisons.

Kapatid, a support group for political prisoners, wrote to Health Secretary Francisco Duque asking the government to include all persons deprived of liberty to be included in the government’s mass vaccination program.

Fides Lim, Kapatid spokesperson, said, “With an unenviable record of having the highest jail congestion rate in the world, the Philippine prison system is a death trap. Subhuman conditions make prison facilities a reservoir of infectious disease. Ignoring them will result in failure since the health of prisons and the communities surrounding them are linked.”

Lim pointed out over 215,000 prisoners are not safe from the threats of the coronavirus, and that they should not be denied of their right to receive vaccines.

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