MyHeritage offers ‘creepy’ deepfake tool to reanimate dead

Genealogy site MyHeritage has introduced a tool which uses deepfake technology to animate the faces in photographs of one’s dead relatives.

Called DeepNostalgia, the firm acknowledged that some people might find the feature “creepy” while others would consider it “magical.” It said it did not include speech to avoid the creation of “deepfake people.”

It comes as the government of the United Kingdom considers legislation on deepfake technology. The Law Commission is considering proposals to make it illegal to create deepfake videos without consent.

MyHeritage wrote in its FAQs about the new technology: “This feature is intended for nostalgic use, that is, to bring beloved ancestors back to life.”

But it also acknowledged that “some people love the Deep Nostalgia feature and consider it magical, while others find it creepy and dislike it. The results can be controversial, and it’s hard to stay indifferent to this technology.”

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