Gen Z: Skull emoji now conveys laughter

“Face with Tears of Joy,” the official name for the laughing crying emoji, is the most-used emoji on Emojitracker, a website showing real-time emoji use on Twitter. The “Loudly Crying Face” took the number two spot.

And it’s had staying power: In 2017, Apple said the laughing crying emoji was the most popular in the US.

But for many Gen Z-ers – born after 1996 – the skull emoji has become a popular replacement for conveying laughter. It’s the visual version of the slang phrase “I’m dead” or “I’m dying,” which signifies something is very funny.

Other alternatives: the “Loudly Crying Face” emoji,” or just writing “lol” or “lmao.”

Xavier Martin,17, called the laughing crying emoji “bland” and said “not too many people” his age use it.

Stacy Thiru, 21, prefers the real crying emoji because it shows a more extreme emotion and feels more dramatic. She said she couldn’t even find the laughing crying emoji on her iPhone’s keyboard.

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