New cooking show ‘Farm to Table’ encourages more people to plant own food

With the recent surge in prices of produce, the idea of growing one’s own food has become more attractive to those who want to save money but still eat well.

This is a goal of GMA News TV’s new cooking show, “Farm to Table,” which will have “MasterChef Pinoy Edition” winner JR Royol giving viewers a peek into how their favorite meals are prepared, from growing and harvesting the ingredients to cooking and plating them.

Royol shared, “It’s the foundation of the show … to spread the planting culture. The more people we encourage and inspire to start tilling soil and planting, the better.”

While eating delicious dishes is the end goal, the process can be just as fulfilling, JR said, and he hopes to share that feeling with the audience.

Growing his own food has always been an integral part of JR’s life, because it quite literally sustained him and his family during their financial difficulties.

The program airs every Saturday at 6:15 p.m.

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