New words from 2020

As humanity evolves, so does our language, adapting to changes and new developments in our lives. Here are some of the new words that gained popularity and surged in usage in 2020:

Have you heard of a SHARENT? We all know one. It is a parent who frequently uses social media to share photos or other details about their children.

What about a BEARDO? It is the latest nickname for a person with a beard.

If ‘essential worker’ is too long, you can always use KEYWORKER or an employee in a profession considered essential to the functioning of society.

And what happens when all the tech giants become too big and powerful? That’s when TECHLASH happens. It is a strong negative reaction or backlash against the largest technology companies, or their employees or products.

And of course, there is MASKHOLE – someone who refuses to wear a face mask in public during the coronavirus pandemic. We’ve all seen one of those.

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