Dubai: The robots are coming

Many of the Middle East’s travel hubs — from Israel to Dubai or Doha — rely mainly on international traffic, but with the ongoing global travel restrictions, they’ve had to rethink their strategies to find new ways to adapt.

Some countries in the region have adopted to help travelers navigate better.

Robots in Dubai have become all the rage. Since the pandemic, the emirate rolled out germ-busting robots in some public facilities, like hospitals and airports. And, last week, a new RoboCafe opened up in the city, where customers can place their orders and get served by German-made robots.

In September 2020, Dubai International Airport also introduced “Rahal,” which means traveler in Arabic, to help passengers at its airport. The robot is part of its customer service team at Terminal 3, the world’s largest airport terminal.

Still, robot Rahal didn’t help Dubai Airports’ traffic numbers, which slid 70 percent in 2020.

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