Filipinos in US advised to exercise caution as hate crimes vs Asians rise

The Philippine Embassy in Washington urged Filipinos in the United States to exercise “utmost caution” amid a wave of assaults against Asian Americans in various parts of the country.

The embassy said it notes “with concern” the rising number of attacks against Asian Americans.

It added, “Filipinos are advised to exercise utmost caution in view of these incidents. Those who experience attacks are advised to immediately call 911 to report incidents.”

US media outlets reported a string of recent incidents of verbal and physical assaults directed at Asians in the country as the COVID-19 rages on.

Last month, a Filipino man was slashed across the face with a box cutter while riding the New York City subway.

The embassy and consulate generals in the US called on the federal, state and local authorities to ensure the protection of people of Asian descent, including Filipinos.

Of over 2,800 attacks in 2020, 71% were incidents of verbal harassment.

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