Delayed vaccine to spoil Filipinos’ summer

Ysrael Dumasig, 30, is not looking forward to summer this year. Unlike in pre-pandemic years when his family would typically go on vacation, Dumasig said he would rather just stay home.

Dumasig, a reporter for a foreign media outlet, said, “We originally have plans, but getting all travel requirements is such a hassle and we are also wary of exposure.”

Marcial Confiado Jr., 28, from Pasig, is likewise shelving his birthday getaway with friends.

He shared, “We were already making plans to visit Boracay from March 4 to 8 even with the pandemic. But because of the requirements, we were deterred. Add to that news that there were some visitors faking their COVID-19 tests, plus we don’t really expect to have a good time while we are there, knowing there are fewer people.”

The likes of Dumasig and Confiado are delaying the tourism sector’s rebirth from last year’s damaging lockdowns as a response to the pandemic’s spread.

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