China’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin on the vaccine donation to the Philippines

“China and the Philippines are friendly neighbors,” according to Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin on Monday.

He added, “Since COVID-19 broke out, the two governments and peoples have been standing together and fighting shoulder-to-shoulder, forging a closer partnership. The Chinese government has decided to offer vaccines to the Philippines in free assistance.”

He noted, “The shipment…mentioned is the first batch of foreign vaccines to have arrived in the Philippines. Just as President Duterte put it, this demonstrates the two sides’ friendship and solidarity. We hope the Chinese vaccine doses could help the Philippines contain COVID-19, revive the economy and protect people’s health.”

He shared, “Recently China-made vaccines have reached many countries, contributing to the local battles against the virus. China will continue to act on President Xi Jinping’s pledge to make vaccines a global public good.”

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