Less than a fifth of adult Filipinos willing to get COVID-19 jabs — OCTA

Only 19 percent of adult Filipinos in a survey by OCTA Research said they are inclined to get COVID-19 vaccines while nearly half are not willing to get inoculated even if a safe and effective vaccine becomes available.

The Tugon ng Masa survey of 1,200 respondents found that 46 percent will opt out as the country awaits the arrival of the critical goods. Thirty-five percent or, roughly a third, are undecided if they will get immunized.

Intent to get vaccinated was lowest among those in Balance Luzon at 14 percent. A quarter of Filipinos in Manila and Mindanao and a fifth in Visayas said they will have themselves vaccinated.

Inclination to get vaccinated among Class D at 18 percent is slightly lower than those of Class ABC and Class E, both at 23 percent.

A survey released by Pulse Asia in January had the same result: 47 percent are unwilling to be vaccinated.

Those who do not want to get inoculated were concerned about the safety and efficacy of vaccines.

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