Missing commuting? You might be surprised how many people are

Remember worrying about not getting into the office on time? Or being stuck in endless traffic?

In the pre-pandemic world, the daily commute was often a stressful experience but research from recruiter Randstad UK suggests over a third of people in the country are missing it.

CEO Victoria Short shared 34 percent of commuters are pining for their daily journey into work, which they regard as a time to mentally prepare for the day.

Short said, “They’re missing the time to de-stress on the way home, maybe reading a book, or the social element of going out for a beer with friends. They’re genuinely missing that time for themselves that they would get through commuting to the office.”

Short says people are yearning for the commute as lockdowns have meant large periods of time in isolation for workers, particularly those who live alone. Other challenges such as homeschooling have contributed to workers’ worries.

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