Golden rules to follow when tree planting

There are a few golden rules to follow when tree planting, say experts at the UK’s Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

First, select the right area for reforestation. Plant trees in areas that were historically forested but have become degraded, rather than using other natural habitats such as grasslands or wetlands.

Next, use natural forest regrowth wherever possible. Letting trees grow back naturally can be cheaper and more efficient than planting trees.

Also, select the right tree species that can maximize biodiversity. Where tree planting is needed, picking the right trees is crucial. Scientists advise a mixture of tree species naturally found in the local area, including some rare species and trees of economic importance, but avoiding trees that might become invasive.

Lastly, make sure the trees are resilient to adapt to a changing climate. Use tree seeds that are suitable for the local climate and consider how that might change in the future.

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