Anthony Fauci wins $1 million Israeli prize for his work on Covid-19 and other infectious diseases

Dr. Anthony Fauci has been honored with a top international prize for his work combating the coronavirus and other infectious diseases.

He is one of the seven recipients of a one-million-dollar award endowed by the Dan David Foundation headquartered at Tel Aviv University in Israel.

The annual prize is divided into three categories — past, present, and future. Fauci won the prize for the present section, and is this year’s only individual winner.

He was chosen because of his exceptional work with infectious diseases over his life, including HIV, Ebola, Zika, and most recently, Covid-19.

Dr. Elizabeth Miller, chair of the award selection committee, said, “Dr. Fauci has been a global leader in control and research of infectious diseases that present a major public health challenge.”

Miller said Fauci’s “courageous leadership,” noted worldwide during the Covid-19 pandemic, was another reason he was selected for the prize.

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