Live events in the new normal: Drive-ins

With the live events industry greatly affected by the coronavirus pandemic, venues and production companies have been adapting in various ways.

One of the most popular ways organizers are getting artists and audiences together are through drive-in concerts. While drive-in movie theaters have been a thing for quite some time, production companies saw the set up to be fit for live entertainment as well.

The Festival du Lied in Switzerland has brought classical music to the Alps for nearly two decades. So when the pandemic hit, the festival adapted the format in order to safely carry on the tradition.

Meanwhile, Thailand added their own twist to the drive-in experience by using tuk tuks for a local festival.

It’s clear that the industry has taken matters into its own hands, by going the extra mile to find innovative ways to bring back live events. So do you think this new format would be worth paying a ticket for?

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