Taylor Swift’s two versions of Love Story compared

Taylor Swift has released a re-recorded version of her hit 2008 single Love Story, in an attempt to regain control of her music.

The star’s master recordings were sold against her will in 2019, prompting her to return to the studio and make new recordings of her first six albums. Swift will retain ownership of and royalties from those sessions, which she hopes will replace the originals.

The star, who produced the new version herself, hasn’t tinkered with the lyrics or arrangement. The biggest difference is the fidelity. Everything sounds crisper, with more separation between the instruments.

There’s added depth to her vocals; and she enunciates more clearly. Swift does a good job of capturing the romantic innocence she first conveyed as an 18-year-old.

You can switch between the two songs and barely notice the difference. Which is exactly what Swift wanted: The new recordings are intended to diminish the value of her original master tapes.

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