Why Do Millenials Hate Phone Calls?

Communicating across different age groups can be quite a challenge.

For millennials, or those aged 24 to 39, phone calls are considered invasive. Born to an offline world, and grew up in the boom of the Internet and mobile technology, millennials are more sensitive to boundaries as they know the time when being extremely accessible wasn’t the norm. 

They have other choices that let them respond on their own terms, as opposed to phone calls that demand instant response. So before calling a millennial, consider sending them a message first.

Digital natives Gen Z, 23 years old and below, have spent much of their lives in front of screens, which has led them to prefer communicating online than in person. But they want some form of human element woven into their interactions. Meaning, they prefer video chats instead of phone calls, when conveying their thoughts and ideas more effectively.

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