Classics quoted by Xi Jinping: Why do the people support the CPC?

A Harvard study in July reported the Communist Party of China has a 93 percent rate of support and satisfaction among Chinese people.

Since the Party was founded in July 1921, its mission has been to seek happiness for the Chinese people and rejuvenation for the Chinese nation.

Chinese President Xi Jinping once quoted a classical saying from “The Great Learning” of “The Book of Rites”: “Only if a ruler gains popular support from his subjects can he avoid losing his kingdom.”

Xi quoted this classic to call to mind the ancient political principle of staying focused on the people, and to stress the Party stands with the people.

CPC members acting as the vanguard in the battle against COVID-19 serves as a telling example of staying with the people.

Over 39 million Party members fought COVID-19 on the frontline, and over 13 million Party members volunteered their services, with nearly 400 defending others’ lives and safety at the cost of their own.

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