Senators press administration to limit resumption of face-to-face classes

Several senators have questioned why most of the coronavirus restrictions — including the allowing of cinemas and video game arcades — were now being relaxed when schools remained shut.

Senator Sherwin Gatchalian earlier this month pressed the Duterte administration to make the resuming of face-to-face classes limited with projected developments on the COVID-19 jabs.

With plans at a stand still, the education department has yet to give updates on the resumption of classes, but it is expected to be included soon in the Cabinet meeting agenda.

In a webinar, a group revealed findings from a survey that ran in late 2020. It showed that out of 1,395 teacher respondents, 47% believe that the Department of Education had not properly ensured their health and safety amid the pandemic.

A significant 71% were also not confident that students were grasping the lessons taught under the distance learning setup.

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