Schools across Germany reopen after months of closure due to COVID-19

Majority of German states have reopened their schools after two months of closures to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Daycare centers, kindergartens, primary schools to grade 4 and graduating classes are back, albeit on alternating days to limit the number of people together at one time.

Since January, students across Germany have been attending classes digitally from home, making it difficult for many.

The principal of one school said staff are prepared for the students’ return, adding, “We had the experience from the first lockdown and in this respect we had already worked out plans for ourselves. Distance, masks and ventilate. Then there are partitions and disinfectant.”

Teachers will be tested for the coronavirus and tests will also be available for students who wish to take them.

One of Germany’s top virologists warned against reopening schools too early, citing studies that show schoolchildren pose the same risk of infection as adults.

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