Batangas town restricts entry to Taal Volcano Island

With Taal Volcano still under abnormal status, no resident, including fish cage owners, from Talisay town in Batangas province can sail across the lake toward the volcano island without permission from authorities.

Lito Castro, chief of the Batangas Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office, said a police desk had been set up on Talisay’s lakeshore to serve as a registration station for anyone who wants to go to Taal Volcano Island, called “Pulo” by locals, to feed their fish stock.

The registration process will ensure that no one will stay for extended periods on the island, which used to host a community of 8,000 people before the volcano erupted in January last year.

Castro said the 63 people, all Talisay residents, who were preemptively evacuated by Coast Guard personnel and policemen from the island mid-February were staying in a shelter on the mainland.

Taal is the country’s second most active volcano.

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