Italy’s PM Confident in ‘Containing Effect’ of COVID-19

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte on Tuesday said that authorities expected measures taken to prevent the COVID-19 from further spreading across the country to be effective.

The latest official data provided by Angelo Borrelli, Italy’s civil protection chief and extraordinary commissioner for the coronavirus emergency, at midday on Tuesday showed 283 confirmed coronavirus cases. This count included seven people who died in coronavirus-related cases, and one person who fully recovered.

While the most of the cases were reported in the northern regions – and especially in worst hit Lombardy and Veneto – new cases were identified in Tuscany and Sicily.

The latter case was linked to Lombardy, since it concerned an Italian woman who traveled for tourism from the northern region to the southern island.

The Italian Prime Minister’s Office dismissed rumors that schools and universities were going to be shut down across the country.

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