Myanmar coup: ‘My ex is bad but military is worse’

As people fill the streets in Myanmar to reject a military coup, some young demonstrators are waving signs that break with the country’s more traditional protest messages.

In contrast to earlier opposition movements, this generation has grown up in a freer country, with better access to the internet and knowledge of Western culture and memes that go with it.

Gen Z protesters have added witty, self-deprecating and occasionally naughty humor to their pro-democracy messages for the military leaders that seized power.

“You messed with the wrong generation,” reads one placard.

A popular message is “Ah [expletive] here we go again,” a globally popular meme often dated to a scene from 2004 video game Grand Theft Auto.

Another sign, shared on social media, drew on the widespread stereotype of millennials as a generation unable to get their lives together. “We’ll never be allowed to ruin our own future,” it lamented.

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