Milan’s ‘acrobat thieves’ use Instagram tags ‘to rob rich and famous’

A group of burglars in Milan known as the “acrobat thieves” monitored the Instagram pages of the city’s rich and famous in order to ransack their homes, prosecutors have revealed.

The group examined celebrities’ photos to find entry points, using tagged locations to find out where they lived and when they would be out.

Footage released by officials shows the robbers scaling apartment buildings.

Among the victims were a popular TV host and a footballer.

One suspect was arrested in January, and three others earlier this month. They include a 17-year-old who will appear in Juvenile Court.

The burglars have been dubbed the acrobat thieves because of their skill and agility in climbing the outsides of buildings.

As well as using geolocation data from the Instagram posts, police believe that the group examined the photos in order to determine what kind of windows their victims had, in order to plan their entry for the robberies.

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