Filipino entrepreneurs ride wave of food deliveries during pandemic

Everyone is jumping on the packaged food bandwagon. Thirty-year-old Inah Rodriguez, who’s been selling baked goods for 15 years, diversified into dishes ranging from Indian to Italian to maximize profit amid the coronavirus pandemic.

A banker by career, the owner of home-based brand The Sweet Twist said a tenth of her operational costs go into packaging, an industry that has grown in the past year as more people ordered and had their food delivered on their doorsteps.

Rodriguez chose one of the biggest box manufacturing companies based in Sta. Mesa, Manila as one of her packaging sources.

She said, “When you’re the biggest supplier, you tend to sell it a little bit cheaper.”

She is riding on a wave of prepackaged food during the pandemic, when there has been a newfound appreciation for single-use packaging versus waste reduction. Consumers expectedly want their food and its packaging handled by as few people as possible.

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