UN chief slams ‘wildly uneven’ COVID-19 vaccinations as 10 countries get 75%

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has criticized the “wildly uneven and unfair” distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, saying 10 countries have administered 75 percent of all vaccinations and he demanded a global effort to get everyone vaccinated as soon as possible.

Foreign ministers met virtually for a first-ever UN Security Council session on vaccinations called by current chair the United Kingdom, which said the world had a “moral duty” to act together against the pandemic that has killed more than 2.4 million people.

Guterres told the council that 130 countries have not received a single dose of vaccine and declared that “at this critical moment, vaccine equity is the biggest moral test before the global community.”

He continued: “The world urgently needs a global vaccination plan to bring together all those with the required power, scientific expertise and production and financial capacities.”

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