COVID: No evidence that vaccinations harm fertility

Claims on social media that the Covid-19 vaccine could affect female fertility are unfounded, experts have said.

Posts have incorrectly suggested the Pfizer vaccine could cause infertility in women, or cause their bodies to attack the placenta.

But there is no “plausible biological mechanism” by which the vaccine could affect your fertility, says Lucy Chappell, a professor in obstetrics at King’s College London and spokesperson for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

Online, some people have pointed to a line in an earlier version of guidance published by the UK government stating it was “unknown” whether the Pfizer vaccine had an impact on fertility.

This has since been updated to clarify that animal studies don’t indicate any harmful effects on the reproductive system.

Part of the confusion here is down to how scientists describe things compared with how most of us would understand them in our daily lives.

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