Croatia wants tourists to move there. These people are doing just that

While most European Union nations have kept their borders sealed against non-European visitors during the pandemic, Croatia has been welcoming arrivals from the United States and many other countries.

Summer saw it allow almost anyone to vacation on its beautiful Adriatic coastline and enjoy its stunning islands and the “Game of Thrones” city of Dubrovnik. Even now, non-EU visitors are welcome, provided they test or quarantine.

Now Croatia is making it easier for people who want to stay longer — tweaking its immigration laws to grant one-year residency permits to remote digital workers from outside the European Union, provided they don’t require tourist visas to enter.

While other destinations such as Dubai have paid a price for keeping their borders wide open, Croatia is convinced encouraging long-term tourism is a winner.

The new rules began on January 1, and the first applicants have already arrived.

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