Millennials: Of designer clothing and business suits

Watch any early 2000s reality TV show and you are likely to see brand name labels all over the stars. But although wearing designer names used to be on trend, that is no longer the case for millennials.

Instead, they spend their money more frugally on clothes and get their threads from thrift stores or fast fashion brands. The more economical and environmentally friendly generation would rather go to a clothing swap or a secondhand sale than dropping major dollars on designer brands.

And when it’s time to get ready for work, millennials are deciding that business suits simply do not suit them. Whether the fashion choice does not fit their own personal style, or does not suit a more laid-back office environment, young fashionistas are just not buying it.

There has been a huge trend in workplace veering toward more casual business attire, and not just on Fridays. Denim in offices is becoming more and more of a common occurrence.

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